A Complete Range of Garage Services in Brixton | Ferndale Autos

Alongside car servicing, MOT testing and air conditioning re-gassing, Ferndale Autos provides motorists in Brixton, Clapham, Vauxhall, Kennington and wider South London with a range of complementing garage services.

Below, we have provided brief descriptions of these different services. To learn more, or to book in an appointment at our Brixton garage, pick up the phone and call our team on 020 7738 3351.

Other Services Offered at Ferndale Autos

Diagnostics – To get to the bottom of automotive issues we use a combination of the latest diagnostics equipment, which reads fault codes gathered by a vehicle’s on-board ECU (Engine Control Unit), and hand’s on mechanical expertise. If you are experiencing troubling symptoms, for example a change in performance, an odd sound or smell, or dashboard warning lights lighting up, visit Ferndale Autos. We will get to the bottom of the issue quickly, and recommend the best course of action to restore functionality, and get you back safely on the road ASAP.

Mechanical Car Repairs – Ferndale Autos provides a full range of mechanical car repairs, ensuring that any problem experienced, whatever its severity, can be properly fixed without breaking the bank. We use OEM or equivalent parts for all repairs, and will talk you through the process as part of our commitment to transparency.

Brakes & Clutches – It is essential to keep brakes and clutches in good working order; they keep you safe on the road, and issues like badly worn brake pads or a sticking clutch can be far more than “just a nuisance”. As well as increasingly the likelihood of a road accident, keep in mind clutch and brake issues may lead to an MOT failure. So any niggle issues are worth seeing to before the day of testing.

Steering & Suspension – Poorly aligned or unresponsive steering can make driving a vehicle an unpleasant, awkward and most importantly, dangerous experience. Likewise, damaged suspension can mean you feel every bump in the road, and increase likelihood of damage to both chassis and vital internal components. If you’re experiencing difficulty with your steering and suspension, visit our Brixton based garage. It could be a result of low levels of power steering fluid, a malfunctioning power steering pump, or simply due to wear and tear.

Exhaust Repairs & Fitting – Ferndale Autos replaces old and corroded/rusty exhausts, and fixes issues such as exhaust leaks, blockages and loose parts. Symptoms of exhaust trouble include an overly noisy engine, decreased performance (power, acceleration and fuel efficiency), or high levels of exhaust emissions, which might also be a darker colour than usual.

Car Batteries – We both replace old car batteries and assist with battery related issues. For example, your battery might not be functioning properly due to loose connections, corrosion or a problem with the alternator. We’ll ensure the issue is carefully diagnosed, so the right solution can be put in place.

Whether you require on the spot diagnostics and repairs, or are looking to book in car servicing or MOT testing, call Brixton’s Ferndale Autos on 020 7738 3351.